Five fresh ideas for feel good school lunches

Five fresh ideas for feel good school lunches

What’s for lunch today? Tomorrow? And the day after that…? While some mums and dads tackle the daily school lunch prep with gusto, for many of us it can feel like a bit of a chore (okay, a lot of a chore). Here we’ve put together five fresh ways to blitz through your lunch making, so you can prep nutritious daily lunches fast – and even have fun while you’re doing it!

1. Save time

Save time by prepping in bulk where you can. Take yogurt for example. You can divide up your freshly made batch of EasiYo into lunch portions once each week instead of dishing out a little every day. Simply stock up on as many reusable pouches or lunchtakers as you need to cover all kids and lunches. Then fill them, chill them, and simply grab the pre-prepped serving out of your fridge or freezer each day. Easy done!

2. Mix it up

Variety is the spice of life and kids respond better to food that’s interesting and surprising. A sandwich every day? That’s okay – but change up the filling. Fresh fruit – mix it up! Homemade yogurt is especially fun and easy to customise. Try having two flavours on the go at any one time so you can keep tastebuds guessing. You can also have fun adding different toppings. Try dried fruit, fresh fruit or coconut on top. It’s all yum.

3. Make it nutritious

It’s easy to fill lunchbox gaps with nutrient-light crackers and biscuits, but did you know that healthy alternatives can be just as easy and quick? Once again, it’s all about making sure you have grabbable portions on hand. Keep cut up carrots, celery or capsicums in the fridge. Apples and mandarins offer great sustenance. And don’t forget EasiYo – with every serve containing protein and live cultures it’s another reason to feel good about homemade.

4. Keep it cool

It’s great if you can keep lunches refrigerated, but sometimes that’s simply not an option. How can you keep food fresh ‘til lunch? Here’s a hint – you can freeze your lunchbox portions of EasiYo yogurt at the beginning of the week. Take out one reusable pouch or container from the freezer each day. The yogurt will slowly defrost in time for lunch and keep other food cool at the same time. Win win!

5. Get them involved

Hopefully you’re starting to feel a little more inspired about lunches. But let’s face it, no parent wants to be making their kids’ lunches for ever. As soon as they’re old enough, find ways for them to help. It could be as simple as washing the apples, making their own sandwich or planning a menu for the week. Not only are you preparing your kids to be self-sufficient one day, you’re sharing time together. And they’ll gain a greater appreciation for all those amazing things you do around the house too.