Busy is best: What to do with kids at home

Busy is best: What to do with kids at home

We know that little people are often bursting with energy. We love them dearly, but keeping their active minds occupied can be a challenge when you’re spending lots of time at home! From school holidays to Covid-19 quarantines, you’re certainly not alone in wondering what to do with the kids during lockdown. Luckily, our team are right there with you – and we’ve put our heads together to present some inexpensive and simple ideas to keep the family entertained at home.


For the mini master-chef

Have you got budding chefs in your family who have discovered the joys of cooking during lockdown? The kitchen is a great space to connect with your family, and an at-home activity that feeds everyone in the process is a double bonus!


Get the kids involved in make at home yogurt – whipping up a batch of EasiYo yogurt is as easy as one, two, three! billions of live cultures in every serve!  From there, you can help them to choose from our selection of yogurt based recipes for kids… we bet they’ll love these Cheeseymite Scrolls or Stripy Breakfast Popsicles!


Once you’ve whipped up your favourite recipes, it’s time to eat. Grab a blanket and something to drink for the ultimate living room picnic – or if the weather’s right, a grassy one on the lawn outside!


For the budding creative

Make it a time for creating! It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. Just focus on fun games and activities that allow their innate creativity to thrive.

If you have a printer at home, get the kids to make a vision board. They can search magazines or the internet for images they like, then fill a poster board with pictures. Make a theme like ‘Goals for the Year’ and then hang it somewhere the family can see.

Or, if you have a keen writer in the family, why not suggest they interview family members and turn them into stories?

Alternatively, encourage your kids to start a nature diary. Send them into the garden to find a plant or creature they like, draw a picture of it and then research some facts to write along with it. A great way to stay connected to the big wide world from the confines of home.


For the Zoom savvy family

If you’re anything like us, Zoom meetings have now become part of your regular family vernacular. When we can’t catch up in person, Zoom and Facetime are a great way to stay connected – especially if you have grandkids and extended family in faraway places. So, why not work on making family Zoom meetings fun? There are loads of things to do over Zoom with grandkids. For example, nothing beats a good game of charades, even when it’s through a screen. Or, read a picture book together – your grandchildren will love getting a bedtime story!


Almost anything you do as an extended family can also be done virtually, you might just need to get creative. Someone’s birthday? Have everyone make a cake at their own home and then get together over Zoom to celebrate. Other gathering ideas include quiz nights, dress ups or funny hat parties… this is new territory for everyone so don’t be afraid to try something new!


Amongst it all, don’t forget to take time for yourself. Enforced home-time (or quite frankly, even just a rainy weekend indoors!) can be tough to manage, and it’s okay if sometimes that means parking the kids up with a movie on the couch. Keep yourself fuelled with healthy food and lots of rest. Because after all, the more energy you have, the more you can give.