Thumbs up for upcycling!

Thumbs up for upcycling!

Whether you’re looking to keep kids busy, love crafting or want to make a difference for the environment, they’re all great reasons to have a go at upcycling. The step before REcycling, UPcycling is all about finding creative ways to reuse things we might normally throw away.

As a producer of yummy make-at-home yogurt, we’re a big fan of the DIY upcycling mindset. Here, we’ve put together some of our favourite ideas for making things from food packaging. So clear off the table, gather some supplies, call the kids over and kick off a creative session with these fun upcycling projects!

EasiYo Packet Planters

Transform your EasiYo sachets into planters in just a few simple steps. First, cut your EasiYo packet cleanly along the top when you use it. Rinse and turn it inside out to dry. Then fill the inside out ‘packet planter’ with seed raising mix and plant a few of your favourite seeds. Mist regularly with water to keep the soil damp. Once your seeds have sprouted, replant them in a garden bed or a pot and see them grow and use your packet planter to grow more seeds!

Juice Carton Bird Feeder

Welcome birds to your backyard with an upcycled milk or juice carton feeder. Start by rinsing out your empty carton. Then cut an opening about half way up for birds to access the food. Just below this opening, make a small hole and insert a stick or dowel for birds to perch on while they dine. Pop some bird seed inside, hang it up high outside and enjoy watching the feast! This idea also works great with soda bottles.

Cereal Box Puzzle

Get some extra mileage out of your kids’ favourite breakfast cereal before it hits the recycling bin. Simply cut the face of their favourite cereal box up into an assortment of smaller pieces. Just a handful of pieces for young kids, or lots of small and oddly shaped pieces for older children. These puzzles are super easy to make and the bright colours make them fun to do. Kids can even make their own. But be careful… they might just challenge YOU to complete it!

Tin Can Pencil Holder

Organise your home craft station or kids rooms with personalised pencil/pen/paintbrush holders. Simply save a few tin cans, wash well and remove labels then leave to dry. From there you can either paint them (enamel or multi-surface acrylic paints work best), wrap them in coloured paper, or even decorate them from top to bottom in different coloured electrical tapes. These creative cans make great little planters too.

Plastic Bag Pompoms

Cute pompoms made from plastic bags have so many uses. String them together, use them to decorate gifts, or make a pompom flower display! To make, choose a plastic bag and cut off the handles. Then make one big long ribbon out of the bag by cutting it from the top in a 1cm wide spiral. Wrap this ribbon around a piece of cardboard about 6 x 4 cm, as evenly as possible. Carefully remove the cardboard insert, then tie the plastic tightly around the middle. Finally, snip through the looped plastic at each end and fluff it out into a pompom. Easy!

Hopefully these upcycling crafts will keep you busy for a while. We’d love to see what you come up with. Send us some pics and let us know which ideas were your favourites. Do you have some new upcycling ideas, especially for our EasiYo sachets? We’re all ears (and eyes). Please send them to