Try our new Reduced Sugar Range.

The same EasiYo goodness, just with 40% less sugar than our Everyday flavour equivalent.

Less sugar, great taste

EasiYo Reduced Sugar Yogurts have 40% less sugar than our Everyday equivalent and aren't as sweet, but they're still delicious as ever!

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No artificial ingredients

We don’t use preservatives in our yogurt— as it’s made fresh in your kitchen! There are no thickeners or stabilisers either. Instead, our live cultures create thick, creamy yogurt… naturally.

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Fresh live cultures

The live cultures in EasiYo yogurt are only activated when you add water and heat yourself. This means they’re as fresh as can be from day one!

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  • It's easy to feel the benefits of homemade

    Feel good about making your own delicious yogurt at home.

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Making EasiYo is as easy one, two, three…