At EasiYo Products, we are committed to long term practices to reduce our impact on the environment.  We aim to provide responsible packaging to ensure that we deliver a safe and quality product to our consumers while respecting the impact that our business has on the environment.


Together, we can make a difference.

Reduction in ‘single use’ packaging.   

We encourage and promote the use of reusable jars, lunch takers (single serve containers) and EasiYo reusable pouches (child friendly) packaging.

Committed to the reduction in the impact of our non-recyclable packaging.

In order to deliver a safe and quality product to our consumer, we are obliged to use sachet packaging that has a foil barrier to protect and prevent spoilage and provide a barrier for the live cultures to survive.


We would love to bring our products to you in packaging you can recycle.  Unfortunately we haven’t found any packaging that can be recycled and also keep the precious cultures inside our Yogurt base active so they can work their magic.  We are continuing our hunt for the best environmentally friendly packaging option which also maintains our product quality, and we hope it’s not too long before we can offer our products in recyclable packaging!


We know there has been a surge of products using compostable packaging recently which is really encouraging, however because our live lactic cultures require special conditions to survive over our product shelf life, we unable to use this style of packaging material.

Maximising the efficiency of transport.

In terms of reduced weight, size and portability by using packaging and offering a dry product format.

Reducing the need for refrigerated distribution

Which has a global impact in terms of global warming and energy consumption.