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High in Protein

EasiYo Protein Yogurts are high in Protein with 17g of Protein in every serve!

A serve of EasiYo Protein Yogurts delivers 1/3 of your daily protein needs*


5☆ Health Star Rating

High in Protein and low in Fat, this star meets the top criteria of the Health Star Rating


Made from NZ Milk

EasiYo uses Milk powder sourced from the South Island of NZ


No Artificial Ingredients

EasiYo Protein Yogurts are made with natural ingredients (like all EasiYo Yogurts) 


Easy to make in 3 steps

  1. Mix & Fill - Mix EasiYo Protein Yogurt Sachet with Water in the EasiYo Jar
  2. Heat & Wait - Add boiling water to the Yogurt Maker and place jar inside.  Leave to set for 12-16 hours
  3. Chill - Refrigerate Yogurt until chilled.  Enjoy


 Protein UnsweetenedProtein Coconut 


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 *Based on an average adult diet of 8700kJ and 50g of protein